Hydroclear tanks

The HydroClear sewage treatment plant is produced by Harlequin manufacturing and uses a modern treatment process to effectively treat wastewater from both domestic dwellings and smaller commercial applications. The HydroClear is designed to receive the wastewater from bathrooms, toilets, laundry and kitchens before safely discharging the treated effluent into a watercourse or drainage field.

With the manhole lids installed flush with ground level, the HydroClear system uses a simple but highly effective three-stage treatment process, incorporating a remotely housed air blower (compressor). The system has been particularly designed to offer a reliable solution for wastewater treatment from households.

Hydroclear drawing

Contemporary design engineering and analysis software together with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility have combined to create the HydroClear system, producing a pollutant removal level of 97.5%. Available with both gravity and pumped outlet versions, the system can be installed at varying drainage depths and is certified for use in the UK in compliance with EN12566-3.


  • Certified for use in the UK in compliance with EN12566-3.
  • High performance diaphragm blower used and externally housed achieving a super quiet operation.
  • The system is hermetically sealed, coupled with a market leading treatment performance eliminates odour.
  • Moving Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR) systems are self-cleaning and unable to become blocked through channelling unlike most fixed film media systems.
  • No internal electrical or mechanical moving parts within the tank.
  • Tankering made easier with a dedicated de-sludging pipe.
  • Producing an excellent 97.5% pollutant removal level, the final effluent can be directly discharged into a stream or soakaway.

“Harlequin is a leading manufacturer of innovative polyethylene storage tanks and systems. Headquartered in Northern Ireland, UK, it has a 40-year heritage and exports to over 20 countries internationally. Harlequin Manufacturing has developed a diverse and innovative product range and is one of the fastest growing manufacturing companies in Northern Ireland with over 90 employees. The HydroClear sewage treatment plant benefits from Harlequin’s expertise in tank manufacturing to produce this class-leading system”.

Supply & Installation

Providing expertise and experience in installing HydroClear sewage treatment plants, Mantair engineers provide advice and a full installation service for property owners. Contact us on 01255 853890 for a free site survey.