Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks only partially treat sewage and discharge an effluent of low quality to soakaways / drainage fields.  Mantair are industry leaders in Septic Tank problems and solutions.

Septic Tank Conversion Units

Mantair septic tank conversion units are designed to be installed within existing septic tanks or cesspools, effectively ‘converting’ the existing tank into a small sewage treatment system.


Owners of septic tanks and sewage treatment plants who have access to a suitable area of land can consider discharging the overflow effluent into a properly designed and sized soakaway / drainage field.

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants

Packaged sewage treatment plants are designed to treat the receiving waste water from both domestic or commercial premises. The objective is to treat the waste water to a level acceptable for discharge direct to a natural watercourse i.e ditch or stream.

Commercial Sewage Treatment Plants

The majority of waste water drainage in the U.K. is provided by municipal sewage treatment works.  However, in some rural locations it is not uncommon to find that mains drainage in inaccessible and it’s the responsibility of the land owner to find an alternative method of waste water disposal.


A Cesspit is an underground chamber used for the storage of sewage. The appearance of a cesspit is similar to that of a ‘hand dug’ water well.