The County of Surrey is located in the South East of England and borders Greater London to the north and north-east.  Due to its proximity to London there are many commuter towns and villages in the country.  Surrey is one of the richest parts of the UK, with many celebrities and famous people choosing to live in the County.

Scattered throughout Surrey are several villages that do not have access to ‘mains drainage’ for the disposal waste water and require land owners to have their own septic tank or sewage treatment plant.  As leading independent installers and service providers for septic tanks and sewage treatment plants, Mantair is ideally placed to provide Surrey homeowners with a sewage treatment system to meet their site requirements, or provide the expertise required for assessing septic tank problems.

Providing a free site assessment service throughout Surrey, Mantair offers a comprehensive service including free site inspections, guidance and advice on existing systems, regulatory compliance, and where required, complete installation and commissioning for new installations.

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Sewage, waste and drainage projects for Surrey