BioSure from Mantair is a compact packaged sewage treatment plant which provides a discreet, reliable and affordable solution to sewage treatment for domestic dwellings and commercial premises without access to mains drainage.

Providing a safe environment for the collection and treatment of waste water, BioSure produces a clear, odourless treated effluent suitable for discharge direct to a ditch, stream, or river.

BioSure is a single tank system which is installed completely below ground and uses Aeration Technology incorporating a biozone for the growth of aerobic micro-organisms which degrade the sewage.

Environmental Advantages
  • Low Power Usage;
  • No noise pollution;
  • Minimal visual impact;
  • Protection to ground and surface waters.
Consumer Advantages
  • Certified to European Standard EN 12566-3;
  • Low level visibility with a lockable child-proof pedestrian duty cover – safe for children and pets.
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Low maintenance requirements;
  • Specifically designed to produce an effluent suitable for discharge to a natural watercourse or ground (subject to Regulating Authority Approval).
The Scientific Principle

There are three treatment zones within the single BioSure tank structure.  The first zone is a primary settlement chamber where solids and floating material are retained.  The liquids pass through to the second chamber, which is a biozone.

Central to the operation of the BioSure sewage treatment plant is the biozone.  Within the biozone aerobic micro-organisms develop through the use of fine bubble aeration and floating plastic media.  This biozone process provides an extremely robust means of treating sewage, especially for reducing Ammoniacal Nitrogeon.

The third chamber is a final settlement zone where fine solids are separated and returned automatically to the first chamber using a recirculation airlift.  The treated liquid is then suitable for discharge direct to a ditch or stream.

The only electrical component for the BioSure is a small air compressor.

Selecting the right BioSure

BioSure sewage treatment plants are available in population equivalents of (PE) 6 – 55.  When sizing a new sewage treatment plant the British Water Flows & Loads Code of Practice should be used.  This Code of Practice provides the information required to ensure the correct size of treatment plant is installed.

Supply & Installation

For further assistance and advice on selecting the appropriate BioSure sewage treatment plant, please contact Mantair Limited for Technical Sales on 01255 476467 who will be pleased to help.

Mantair Limited can arrange for a visit to your site to assist on model selection and provide a full installation service if required.