Septic Tank Problems

29 09, 2014

Why does my septic tank smell?

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The process within a septic tank is called ‘anaerobic digestion’ which reduces the sludge volume.  During the digestion process methane, hydrogen sulphide and other gases are produced and these gases can in some cases cause a serious odour nuisance. Septic tanks should be correctly vented to allow the noxious gases to escape to the atmosphere.

22 09, 2014

Can my Septic tank be upgraded or converted?

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The majority of septic tank problems can be overcome by installing a Mantair septic tank conversion unit.  The Mantair unit is specifically designed to be installed within an existing septic tank or cesspool, converting the existing tank into a sewage treatment plant. The Environment Agency recognises the Mantair unit as a sewage treatment system and provides [...]

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