Marsh Sewage Treatment Plant Problem & Solution

Marsh Sewage Treatment Plant
East Dereham, Norfolk, NR19
14 January, 0202
Dry, Poor Ground drainage
6 Person

For sewage treatment plant installations and repairs throughout Norfolk, Mantair provides homeowners with a complete design, installation and maintenance service. As leading installers and service providers, Mantair has installed sewage treatment plants and septic tanks throughout the County of Norfolk for many years, including various locations for the National Trust at Blickling, Felbrigg and Sheringham Parks.

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Providing a free site assessment service throughout Norfolk and East Anglia, Mantair offers a comprehensive service including free site inspections, guidance and advice on existing systems and where required, complete installation and commissioning for new sewage treatment plants and septic tanks.

As members of British Water, Mantair are abreast of all current regulatory requirements for both the Environment Agency and Building Regulations, including the ‘general binding rules‘ for using septic tanks and small sewage treatment plants.

Case Study

Sewage Treatment Plant Installation in Norfolk.

We were contacted by a property owner in North Norfolk who was experiencing problems with foul odours emanating from the existing sewage treatment plant serving the property. After our initial telephone discussion with the property owner, it was evident that the existing sewage treatment plant wasn’t functioning correctly, and we agreed to visit the property to inspect the treatment plant.

Upon inspection, we found that the existing sewage treatment plant was a ‘three-stage’ system, incorporating primary, aeration and final settlement chambers. It was evident during our inspection that the partition wall separating the primary and aeration chambers had collapsed. As a result of this, the sewage treatment plant was no longer functioning, causing the reported odour nuisance. This also resulted in untreated effluent discharging from the sewage treatment plant into an adjacent watercourse.


Mantair engineers have a wealth of experience in dealing with damaged sewage treatment plants and septic tanks.  The damage identified to the sewage treatment plant at this Norfolk property was considered to be consistent with accidental damage. We were able to obtain approval for the costs for a new sewage treatment plant installation to be covered by the property owners Insurance Policy; thus saving the property owner thousands of pounds.

As agreed with the Insurers, we recommended the installation of a six-person Marsh sewage treatment plant; this being sized in accordance with the British Water ‘Flows & Loads’ Code of Practice – 4.


After taking into account the existing drainage layout and the property owners preferences, we recommended installing the new sewage treatment plant in the rear garden. This reduced the amount of excavation works required, and as a result, the amount of disturbance to the garden setting. Care was also taken by Mantair engineers to ensure that the ground area was protected prior to heavy machinery being used.

As with all sewage treatment plant installations we carry out, the Marsh sewage treatment plant was installed with a concrete surround to protect the structural integrity of the tank.  An independent RCD protected power supply was installed from the property to the air blower kiosk, with the relevant NICEIC Certification being obtained.

With the property owner already having Environment Agency approval to discharge treated effluent into a nearby watercourse from the existing treatment plant, it was agreed to connect the discharge drainage from the Marsh sewage treatment plant to the existing outlet pipework draining to the nearby watercourse.


On completion of the ancillary works, we commissioned the Marsh sewage treatment plant, including setting of air valves, checking all pipe work joints and viewing the discharge into the receiving watercourse.

All machinery was removed from site with the garden being left in a neat and tidy manner.

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