If you are lucky enough to live in the Countryside there’s a high chance you are the owner or user of a septic tank system. It’s believed that there are in excess of 800,000 rural properties in England and Wales that have their own independent foul drainage system for disposing of wastewater, with the majority of these being in the form of an underground septic tank.

With the environmental changes in recent years and the introduction of new Government Legislation surrounding the use of septic tanks many homeowners are finding themselves having to either upgrade or replace the existing tank to ensure compliance with the new septic tank rules. With this understanding, many homeowners are being weighed down with the cost and upheaval of having to replace the existing septic tank with a new sewage treatment plant, which by their nature involves substantial groundworks and disturbance. However, there is an alternative, the Mantair septic tank conversion unit.

Economical sewage treatment system installation

Originally introduced in 1987 creating an ‘industry first’ and with various design improvements since its original introduction, the Mantair septic tank conversion unit  is specifically designed to fit inside an existing septic tank or cesspool, effectively ‘converting’ the existing tank into a fully functioning sewage treatment system. Once installed, the Mantair conversion unit provides a ‘treated effluent’ that can be legally discharged to a watercourse or soakaway.

With each Mantair unit being ‘made to measure’ and fitting completely within the existing septic tank or cesspool, except for a small quite air blower, there is no need for any heavy plant or deep excavations. This together with the Mantair units quick and efficient installation procedure saves time, money, and disturbance, typically saving thousands of pounds when compared to new tank installations.

The Mantair septic tank conversion unit is accepted and recognised by the Environment Agency and they authorise its use under Permitting Certification. It is necessary for an Environmental Permit to be obtained for each installation, and once issued, the installation is fully compliant with Legislation and Environmental Regulations.

Septic tank upgrade with conversion unit

The Mantair unit is ideal for situations where there is a septic tank problem, whether it is a tank flooding or illegally discharging to a watercourse. Plus, the Mantair unit can convert existing cesspool holding tanks, removing the need for frequent emptying.

Once installed and commissioned, the Mantair conversion unit divides the existing septic tank or cesspool into two zones. Most of the existing tank is transformed into an ‘aerobic aeration zone’, where the aeration of the sewage creates the correct environment for aerobic micro-organisms to develop and degrade the incoming sewage. Air is supplied to this zone via a small remote air blower. As flow enters the tank aerated effluent is displaced into the second zone of the Mantair unit, referred to as ‘the final settlement zone’.

Within this zone the micro-organisms and fine solids settle and form a thin sludge, which is continuously returned to the aeration zone. The liquid that remains in the upper part of the settlement zone is the ‘treated effluent’ and this is discharged from the Mantair unit using the ‘final effluent airlift’. The airlift uses a proportion of the air from the remote air blower to syphon the treated effluent from the Mantair unit and existing tank. The use of the airlift enables the Mantair unit to discharge the treated effluent at a higher level than the tank inlet.

The Mantair septic tank conversion unit is an extremely cost-effective solution to resolve septic tank problems whilst minimising the disturbance to established gardens and ensuring compliance with regulations.

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