Our team has encountered lots of flooding on the roads and onsite, which may be impacting your septic tank and sewage treatment plant.
🌧️ Rainwater running off from roofs, gutters, driveways, and patios is called surface water. Heavy rain (or melted snow) creates excess surface water. As a result, this can impact the water table, soakaway/drainage field performance, causing a knock-on effect on your drainage systems.  In addition, the team has observed watercourses (rivers, ditches, streams) experiencing rising water levels and flooding. In some instances, outlet pipes are submerged, leading to excess water backing up through the pipes and causing system flooding.
🚨 Watch out for 🚨 – signs of system failure
– Flood patches in your garden
– Difficulty flushing your toilets
– Abnormal bad smells
– Flooded incoming drain runs
– More frequent tank emptying intervals
Take action
1️⃣ Ensure that only foul water is entering your septic tank/sewage treatment plant and that surface water is not tied into the same drainage system
2️⃣ Older systems may struggle more—seek our advice on whether you need an upgrade
3️⃣ Regular maintenance is key! – periodic servicing and regular emptying of your tank is crucial.
If you are responsible for any part of the ditch line, make sure it remains free from obstructions to ensure water flow.
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