septic tank lids

What would you prefer to see in your garden?

Imagine walking through your beautiful garden…from this photo, what would you prefer to see in your garden? At Mantair, we’re not tied to a single manufacturer – we tailor our solutions to your specific site requirements and suggest the best fit for your needs. A primary concern for many is the visual impact of our installation in their garden.

That’s why, over 35 years ago, we pioneered a sustainable and visually appealing solution: fitting wooden beehives to house air blowers and control panels.  This innovative approach blends seamlessly into your garden.
Another visual consideration you might encounter is the manhole cover or lid of your tank. Depending on the specific treatment processes, some tanks require larger access points, resulting in manhole covers or access lids of varying sizes. In certain instances, we can replace the manufacturer’s manhole cover with a more robust and visually unobtrusive alternative.
Choose Mantair for customised site-specific solutions.