Planting around a septic tanks

Q: “Can I plant around my Septic Tank or Sewage Treatment Plant?”

A: Yes, but be cautious:

  • Avoid Trees with Aggressive Roots: Say no to trees with heavy roots that can damage your system.
  • Opt for Bedding Flowers or Tall Grasses: Shallow-rooted flowers or tall grasses are fine to plant nearby! They add color without causing harm.
  • Don’t plant fruit and/or vegetables nearby: This could cause a contamination risk of your produce.
  • Place a garden ornament, bird bath or large plant pot: these can be easily moved if access is needed.
  • Ensure Easy Access: Always leave room for maintenance. Keep a clear access for tankers and equipment to prevent damage to your plants and flowers.

By following these guidelines, you can enjoy a lovely garden without compromising your system’s health. Happy planting!