The Conversion Unit Problem & Solution

Compromised Septic Tank, Failed soakaway
The Conversion Unit
Halesworth, Suffolk, IP19
5 December, 2014
Dry, Good Ground drainage
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After years of putting up with septic tank problems the owners of a property at Halesworth in Suffolk, decided enough was enough!  They were advised to contact Mantair by their tanker company to resolve the septic tank problems.


From our initial telephone discussions, it was evident that a site visit was required to ascertain the reasons for the septic tank problems.  On inspection, it was found that the septic tank was completely surcharged due to the soakaway failing.  On emptying of the septic tank it became apparent that the internal baffle within the tank had become dislodged, thus preventing proper separation to take place within the tank.  As a result, solids and fat had passed into the soakaway field causing it to fail.

With the tank no longer able to function as a septic tank it was decided to ‘convert’ the existing tank with a Mantair septic tank conversion unit, thus converting the tank into a small sewage treatment plant.  With no watercourse being available for the disposal of the treated effluent and this area of Suffolk being on a permeable sub~strata, Mantair engineers recommended the construction of a new ‘high level’ soakaway / irrigation field.  As with all soakaway / irrigation systems, it was necessary for Mantair engineers to carry out Percolation Tests to determine the porosity of the sub-strata and to obtain the size of soakaway / irrigation field required.


Stage 1 – Removal of the collapsed baffle;


Stage 2 – Installation of the Mantair septic tank conversion unit;


Stage 3 – Excavation of trenching for the ‘airlift’ discharge pipe from the Mantair unit to the new soakaway location;
Stage 4 – Construction of the new soakaway


Stage 5 – Backfilling all excavations and leaving the garden in a neat and tidy manner

One of the key benefits of installing a Mantair septic tank conversion unit is that it fits within the existing tank removing the need for a new tank to be installed.

Apart from the financial savings of installing a Mantair conversion unit when compared to the installation of a packaged sewage treatment plant, the disturbance to the garden at this Suffolk property was kept to a minimum.

Mantair provides a comprehensive septic tank and sewage treatment plant service throughout Suffolk and other Counties. This includes free site inspections, guidance and advice on the most suitable system for the client’s requirements, complete installation, commissioning and full after sales care.

Did you know that the cost to resolve your septic tank problems may be covered by your existing buildings insurance policy?

Mantair works in partnership with the UK’s leading drainage insurance claims management company to offer our customers a unique insurance claims management service. Providing expertise in managing insurance claims for the costs of repairing or replacing damaged drainage systems, we work on behalf of property owners helping them to save thousands of pounds in resolving their septic tank problems.

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