New Septic Tank Problem & Solution

Compromised Septic Tank
New Septic Tank
Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13
10 April, 2013
Dry, Good Ground drainage
4 Person

Mantair was contacted by the owner of a property located on the outskirts of Woodbridge in Suffolk regarding septic tank problems.  The homeowner requested the services of Mantair to assist in the replacement of the ageing septic tank.

On inspection, it was found that the tank was constructed from brickwork and that the walls of the tank had started to collapse.  One side of the septic tank had completely lost its structural integrity with much of this side of the tank having collapsed. The main reason for the septic tank failure was due to sulphate corrosion.

From the initial septic tank survey it was evident that the existing soakaway system connected to the tank was functioning correctly.  With the soakaway system working effectively and the cause of the problem being with the septic tank itself, Mantair engineers recommended replacing the existing failed septic tank with a modern replacement septic tank.

As part of the project Mantair liaised with the Environment Agency to obtain an Exemption Certificate, and the local Building Control Department to obtain the relevant approvals for the installation.


Prior to any ancillary works commencing Mantair engineers scanned the proposed location for the new septic tank and any areas where excavations were taking place to ensure that no underground services were present.


On completion of the ancillary works Mantair commissioned the septic tank system and removed all machinery from site, leaving the garden in a neat and tidy manner.


Mantair offers a comprehensive septic tank and sewage treatment plant service throughout Suffolk. This includes free site inspections, guidance and advice on the most suitable system for the client’s requirements, complete installation, commissioning and full after sales care.

Stringent regulations govern the installation of septic tanks, and there are several reasons why a septic tank may not be allowed for installation.  Should a septic tank installation not be suitable for your property then a Mantair engineer would guide you through the other ‘off mains’ drainage solutions available.

If you require assistance with a septic tank problem in Suffolk or have a requirement for a new sewage treatment plant or septic tank, call our team today to receive a free site visit on 01255 853890.