Marsh Sewage Treatment Plant Problem & Solution

Compromised Septic Tank
Marsh Sewage Treatment Plant
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR29
12 December, 2018
Dry, Good Ground drainage
4 Person

In the village of West Somerton near Great Yarmouth, the septic tank serving this property had collapsed and the homeowners had employed the services of a local drainage contractor to replace the damaged septic tank through the household insurance.

Unfortunately, the client lost all faith in the local contractor after various problems, including the damaging of a mains electrical cable at the house. Mantair was recommended to the client by a third party and a site survey was agreed at short notice to solve these septic tank problems.

During the site survey, Mantair engineers identified that the previous contractors recommended works would have involved more disturbance and inconvenience than was necessary. After careful consideration and taking into account the site details, Mantair engineers recommended the installation of a new septic tank within the property’s driveway and connection onto the existing inlet and outlet drainage pipework.


The chosen tank was a Marsh CE Accredited horizontal septic tank.  The tank was installed at a depth that would allow the existing foul drainage from the property to connect into the tank inlet, whilst the outlet depth was suitable to enable a gravity connection into the existing drainage field.

Due to the tank being installed within the properties driveway it was necessary for the manhole covers to be upgraded to ‘cast iron’ to allow for vehicle movement.


The project was completed within three days with the driveway and all disturbed areas being completely reinstated.

All machinery and ground protection equipment was removed from site and the new septic tank was commissioned and left operational.

Mantair has been solving septic tank problems in Norfolk and East Anglia for over two decades and continues to be the market leader in septic tank upgrades and conversions.

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