The Conversion Unit Problem & Solution

Illegal discharge
The Conversion Unit
Sproughton, Suffolk, IP8
19 April, 2016
Dry, Poor Ground drainage
5 Person

We were contacted by the owners of a Cottage in the village of Sproughton near Ipswich, with a view to resolving the septic tank problems resulting in their septic tank overflowing to a nearby ditch.

After discussing the problems being experienced by the homeowner, we arranged to carry-out a free site inspection. Upon inspection, it was found that the property drained to a ‘brick built’ septic tank located in the front garden of the property.  On internal inspection of the septic tank it was found that the septic tank was in good structural condition and had an operating capacity of approximately 3500 litres.

As a result of the septic tank discharging to a nearby ditch there was high levels of ‘untreated’ effluent polluting the watercourse, causing a potential health risk.  A discharge of this type from a septic tank contravenes the Environment Agency’s General Binding Rules.

With the existing septic tank being in good structural condition and sufficient capacity, we recommended the installation of a septic tank conversion system.  The Mantair conversion unit is specifically designed to fit within an existing septic tank or cesspool, effectively ‘converting’ the existing tank into a small sewage treatment plant.  The treated effluent produced from the Mantair unit complies with the requirements of the Environment Agency for discharge to a natural watercourse.

septic-tank-conversion-ipswich septic-tank-conversion discharge-chamber

The installation of the Mantair septic tank conversion unit saved the homeowners thousands of pounds when compared to other quotations they had received for the installation of packaged sewage treatment plants. The installation of the Mantair system also caused minimal disruption to the garden as no heavy machinery was required to carry-out the project.

Mantair provides a comprehensive septic tank and sewage treatment plant service.  This includes free site inspections, guidance and advice on the most suitable system for the client’s requirements, complete installation, commissioning and full after sales care.

If you would like a Mantair engineer to visit you regarding a septic tank conversion system or sewage treatment plant installation, please fill out the form below or contact us on 01255 853890.