Tricel Sewage Treatment Plant Problem & Solution

Compromised Septic Tank
Tricel Sewage Treatment Plant
Mersea Island, Essex, Co5
29 January, 2024
Dry, Clay Soil
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Sewage treatment plant Essex

New Sewage Treatment Plant for a Beautiful Cottage on Mersea Island

During the conveyancing of this property in East Mersea the surveyor recommended to the purchasers they employ an “off mains” drainage expert to inspect and assess the condition of the sewage treatment facilities at the property. The surveyor recommended to the purchaser that they contact Mantair due to our extensive knowledge in all matters relating to off mains drainage systems.

One of our field engineers attended the property to carry-out the required drainage inspection. The results of the drainage inspection highlighted the property was serviced by a Conder sewage treatment plant, which had unrepairable damage inside. The result of this internal damage was preventing the system functioning correctly, causing untreated effluent to pass through the system and into a nearby ditch.

Sewage treatment plant Mersey Island

“As in this case, it is always best when buying a property served by either a septic tank or sewage treatment plant to get an independent survey to ensure any issues are highlighted before the purchase is completed”.

As a result of the existing system being damaged and causing pollution, it was agreed that the system should be replaced with a new sewage treatment plant. When specifying a new sewage treatment plant, being ‘fit for purpose’, reliable and environmentally compliant is essential and at the forefront of our proposals together with the client’s own preferences. A Tricel Novo was the recommended and chosen sewage treatment plant as it proved to be the ideal solution to replace the existing system.

Sewage treatment plant Mersey Island

With the cottage being down the end of an unmade track and surrounded by large trees access to the property was restricted. This however posed no problem to the Mantair installation engineers as they are accustomed to working at rural locations with limited accessibility.

From start to finish, the installation of the new sewage treatment plant was carried-out in four days with the system being fully certified by both the Environment Agency and the local Building Control Department.

Sewage treatment plant after installation

Mantair provide a comprehensive design and installation service for all off mains drainage applications, including septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and cesspools, with all engineers involved in our design and installation departments being employed by the company and are not sub-contractors.

For advice regarding all septic tank, sewage treatment plant and other off mains drainage applications, please feel free to drop us an e-mail or contact us on 01255 853890.

Sewage treatment plant installation Essex