Tricel Sewage Treatment Plant Problem & Solution

Illegal discharge
Tricel Sewage Treatment Plant
Southend-on-Sea, Essex, Ss4
20 December, 2018
Dry, Clay Soil
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Many property owners who use a septic tank for the disposal of waste water are unaware of the new septic tank regulations, which are referred to as the ‘General Binding Rules’.  These new septic tank regulations were introduced by the Environment Agency in 2015, with the deadline to comply with the regulations being January 2020. If the conditions of these septic tank regulations are not adhered to, then the owner of the system would need to make an application to the Environment Agency for a Permit, or upgrade / replace the existing system to make it compliant.   Non compliance can cause a number of septic tank problems.

One of the main reasons why these new septic tank regulations have been introduced is to reduce the level of pollution from septic tanks into the nation’s watercourses.  As such, the Environment Agency is aiming to end the practice of septic tanks discharging directly to watercourses and the resulting pollution.

One such example of where a septic tank didn’t comply with these new septic tank regulations was at this property located in Essex. The existing septic tank dated back to the 1970’s with the outlet drainage from the tank discharging directly into a nearby watercourse. Although the septic tank had been discharging in this manner for over 40 years the discharge didn’t comply with the new regulations due to it causing pollution in the receiving watercourse. It was therefore necessary to replace the existing septic tank with a modern sewage treatment plant to ensure compliance with the new septic tank regulations.


After taking into account the existing drainage layout and the property owners preferences, we recommended the installation of a Tricel Novo new sewage treatment plant in the rear garden. This reduced the amount of excavation works required, and as a result, the amount of disturbance to the garden setting. Care was taken by Mantair engineers to ensure that the ground area was protected prior to heavy machinery being used or materials being stored.

As with all sewage treatment plant installations we carry out, the Tricel sewage treatment plant was installed with a concrete surround to protect the structural integrity of the tank.  An independent RCD protected power supply was installed from the property to the air blower kiosk, with the relevant NICEIC Certification being obtained.


Although there was already a discharge drain in place from the existing septic tank this drain was installed too shallow and it was therefore necessary for a new drain to be installed from the Tricel sewage treatment plant to the boundary watercourse. The cleanliness of the effluent produced form the Tricel system complies with the requirements of the new septic tank regulations, thus enabling the discharge to the boundary watercourse.


On completion of the ancillary works, Mantair engineers commissioned the Tricel sewage treatment plant, including setting of air valves, checking all pipe work joints and viewing the discharge into the boundary watercourse. All machinery was removed from site with the garden being left in a neat and tidy manner.

Mantair provides a comprehensive service for all off mains drainage systems, including advice in relation to septic tank regulations and Environment Agency standards, free site inspections, guidance and advice on the most suitable system for the client’s requirements and complete installation.

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