Prefabricated Septic Tanks

Within most prefabricated septic tanks are baffles or cones which are designed to prevent solid and flotaing material from passing through the tank. In some instances these baffles and cones can become dislodged resulting in solids passing through the tank and into the receiving soakaway system. This would result in the soakaway becoming chocked and cause the whole system to fail and flood.

It is not uncommon for prefabricated septic tanks to implode if they are subject to substantial ground movement, or if the tank hasn’t been installed using the correct back-fill material. If a septic tank is not back-filled with concrete this can result in flotation of the tank, especially when a tank is emptied during winter months.

Brick / Concrete Septic Tanks

Traditionally built septic tanks can crack and leak in situations where the exterior of the tank is exposed to substantial ground movement or pressure. Cracks can also occur between the joints of a tank due to root intrusion. The resulting cracks can impair the structural integrity of a tank and allow ground water infiltration.

If ground or surface water enters a septic tank this can result in flooding and failure of the receiving soakaway. Excessive water ingress into a septic tank would result in the settled sludge passing through the tank and into the soakaway.

A common failure on traditionally built septic tanks is where the ‘dip pipes’ connected to the tank inlet and outlet become dislodged. This damage can often occur when the septic tank is being emptied and the hose used to empty the tank knocks the ‘dip pipes’ off. The sole purpose of the ‘dip pipes’ is to allow the sludge within the tank to settle and prevent any floating material to pass through the tank. The removal of the ‘dip pipes’ would result in the failure of the receiving soakaway.

Septic Tank Insurance

Did you know that the cost to resolve your septic tank problems may be covered by your existing buildings insurance policy?

In situations where problems are being experienced with a septic tank or sewage treatment plant due to the system being damaged it may be possible that the damage is covered under the homeowners insurance policy, with an insurance claim being applicable to cover the cost of any remedial works.  Mantair works in partnership with the UK’s leading drainage insurance claims management company to offer our customers a unique insurance claims management service. Providing expertise in managing insurance claims for the costs of repairing or replacing damaged septic tanks and sewage treatment plants, we work on behalf of property owners helping them to potentially save thousands of pounds. Click here for further information on our insurance services.

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