Marsh Sewage Treatment Plant Problem & Solution

Illegal discharge
Marsh Sewage Treatment Plant
Colchester, Essex, CO4
28 February, 2018
Dry, Poor Ground drainage
6 Person

Mantair has recently completed the installation and commissioning of a Marsh sewage treatment plant at a domestic dwelling in Colchester. The works were requested by the homeowner as their previous septic tank didn’t comply with the Environment Agency’s General Binding Rules; this setting the rules and conditions surrounding the use of septic tanks and sewage treatment plants in England and Wales.

The client contacted us after being advised by a local farmer that the septic tank at his property was discharging into a field ditch.  The client required assistance to determine if it was his septic tank discharging into the ditch, and if so, recommendations to resolve the situation.  After conducting a dye test, it was confirmed that the septic tank in question did indeed discharge to the field ditch.  In view of this, it was recommended that the septic tank be replaced with a small sewage treatment plant as the existing discharge did not comply with the General Binding Rules and was causing pollution.

Sewage treatment plants are designed to ‘treat’ sewage to the extent where the final effluent is suitable for discharge direct to a natural watercourse, and compliant with the General Binding Rules.  In this instance, it was recommended that a six-person Marsh sewage treatment plant be installed due to the size of the property and the depth of the foul drainage.


The clients preferred location for the new sewage treatment plant meant that the foul drainage was at a depth of 1.3M.  Allowing for a concrete base, it was necessary for the excavation to be at a depth of 2.9M.  Using a Marsh extension kit, the tank manhole access was raised up to ground level.  The tank was surrounded with a concrete surround complete with 300mm of topsoil at ground level.


The project also required the installation of a remote blower housing complete with new power supply and diversion of the foul drainage to the new system.  The project was completed within a single week.


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