Puraflow Problem & Solution

Failed soakaway
Blickling, Norfolk, NR11
17 August, 2012
Dry, High Water table
6 Person

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Located on the delightful Blickling Estate in North Norfolk is Mill Cottage, a three bedroomed house on the banks of the river Bure, adjacent to the now redundant Blickling Mill buildings and race.  After the renovation of the property Mantair were appointed as the preferred contractor to provide a design, installation and commissioning service for the upgrading of an ageing septic tank.

On inspection of the existing septic tank it was found that the tank did not have enough capacity to enable the installation of a Mantair septic tank conversion unit.  It was therefore necessary to provide a treatment solution that involved the installation of a new tank.

With the property being on the banks of the river Bure, the natural water table in the ground is only 2ft below ground level.  With the natural water table being this high a new soakaway system would not function and it was therefore decided to install a sewage treatment system which would allow the overflow to be discharged into the river Bure.

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When considering all of the sewage treatment plants available for a site such, Mantair identified that the Puraflo Peat sewage treatment system provided the best economical and efficient solution to overcome the drainage issues at the property.  Unlike other sewage treatment plants the Puraflo Peat sewage treatment system does not require the installation of a deep underground tank as the system is installed partially above ground reducing the excavation depth to a minimum.

It is however, necessary to have a septic tank ahead of the Puraflo system to trap solids and floating matter.  With this in mind, it was decided to utilise the existing septic tank and install a pumping station after the tank.  The liquids discharged from the septic tank would drain into the new pumping station and be pumped to the Puraflo sewage treatment plant.

At the heart of the Puraflo sewage treatment system is the Peat Bio Filter, an efficient filter that is made from 100% natural resources.  A combination of biological and chemical processes inherent in natural peat treats the receiving wastewater from septic tank and filters it through the bio-fibrous peat modules.  The resulting treated effluent is clean enough for discharge direct into the river.

As part of the project Mantair liaised with the Environment Agency and the local CNC Building Control to obtain the relevant approvals for the installation and the discharge into the river Bure.

Mantair engineers not only installed and commissioned the Puraflo sewage treatment plant with minimal disturbance, but have also provided a full after care service including planned maintenance visits.

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