Marsh Approved Supplier

Marsh Industries Approved Installer

We are a Marsh Industries approved installer of their sewage treatment plants.  Marsh Industries is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and sustainable sewage treatment solutions.

The Marsh range of sewage treatment plants provide a discreet, reliable and affordable solution to sewage treatment if you have a domestic dwelling or commercial premises without access to mains drainage.

Providing a safe environment for the collection and treatment of waste water, the Marsh range produces a clear, odourless treated effluent suitable for discharge direct to a ditch, stream, or river.  The treated effluent is also suitable for discharge into an underground soakaway / drainage field.

Find out more about Marsh Sewage Treatment Plants here.

We are not tied to one manufacturer, so will always advise you on a solution that best suits your needs and site requirements.  For a free site visit, please contact us on 01255 853890.