Volunteering at iCarp

In a world that often seems fast-paced and disconnected, the value of giving back to the community cannot be overstated.  Recently, our team had the privilege of volunteering with a local charity – iCarp (Investigating Countryside and Angling Research Projects) CIC.  Our day was filled with tree planting, chicken coop building, and most importantly, a sense of making a positive impact.  In this article, we’ll share our heartwarming experience with iCarp and shed light on the incredible work they do.

About iCarp: Merging Nature, Support, and Healing

iCarp, short for Investigating Countryside and Angling Research Projects, is a remarkable charity that extends a helping hand to various groups of individuals, including military veterans, 999 personnel, vulnerable individuals, and refugees.  Their approach is unique and powerful – utilising angling and the therapeutic effects of nature to provide both physical and mental support.  Through the simple act of fishing and spending time outdoors, participants are offered a safe space to open up about their experiences and challenges while receiving the vital support they need.

Our day with iCarp:  Planting Trees and Building Chicken Runs

On a bright and sunny morning, the Mantair team gathered at iCarp’s picturesque location, surrounded by fishing lakes.  Our mission for the day was twofold: tree planting and chicken coop building.

Having previously donated the trees, the mission was to plant them to create a natural windbreak to protect the chickens and their well-being centre.  It was reminder of the lasting impact that we can have on our environment, even through seemingly small actions.

Following some lunch to refuel, our team used their communication skills to assemble some chicken runs.

Learning and Gratitude

Our day with iCarp was not just about physical labor; it was also an opportunity to learn about iCarp and the work they do.  Learning about the positive transformations that have occurred in the lives of those who have participated in iCarp’s programs was inspiring.


We are incredibly grateful to iCarp for their time showing us more about the work that they do.  We encourage everyone to explore the remarkable work that iCarp is doing.  Their unique approach to supporting military veterans, 999 personnel, vulnerable individuals, and refugees through angling and nature is both innovative and heartwarming.  To learn more about iCarp, visit their website at https://icarp.org.uk/.