Sewage Treatment Plant Installers Essex

For sewage treatment plant installations and repairs throughout Essex, Mantair provides homeowners with a complete design, installation and maintenance service.

Throughout rural areas of Essex, many properties, both domestic and commercial are not serviced by “mains drainage” for the disposal of waste water. Mantair are leading independent installers of sewage treatment plants and septic tanks, and are ideally placed to provide Essex homeowners with a sewage treatment system to meet their budget and site requirements.

Whether you are seeking a small domestic installation of a packaged sewage treatment plant, septic tank or septic tank conversion unit, or merely require advice over the telephone, Mantair engineers have extensive knowledge and can tailor a sewage treatment solution to suit each individual property. All projects are carried out in accordance with Environment Agency Regulations and Section H2 of Building Regulations.

Free Site Survey

Mantair provides a Free Site Assessment Service including no obligation site visits throughout Essex. During the site visits our trained personnel inspects the existing drainage arrangements and advises the client of the most suitable waste water treatment product for their application. A detailed description and quotation of the works involved are sent to the client covering all matters relating to the proposed project. All relevant Environment Agency Permits or Exemption Certificates are applied for on the client’s behalf, free of charge.

If you have a requirement for a sewage treatment plant installation or septic tank problem in Essex, fill out the form below or call us for further information on 01255 853890.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage treatment plants are increasingly replacing septic tank systems throughout rural areas of Essex and East Anglia. Unlike septic tanks, sewage treatment plants produce a treated effluent suitable for discharge to ditches and streams and comply with Environment Agency guidelines.

Sewage treatment plants are now produced by a large number of different manufacturers and all of these systems are designed to create an environment to develop the growth of Aerobic Micro-organisms, which degrade the waste water. The majority of sewage treatment plants require an electrical supply to power either an air blower or mechanical disks or pumps. On the majority of sewage treatment plants which use an air blower there are no mechanical or electrical components within the underground treatment zone, thus reducing future maintenance costs.

All packaged sewage treatment plants we supply and install throughout Essex meet the European Standard BS EN 12566-3. This standard is mandatory for all ‘packaged sewage treatment plants’ up to 50 population equivalent supplied and installed throughout Europe. This standard does not cover and is not applicable to alternative sewage treatment products such as septic tank conversion units.


On all projects the chosen sewage treatment plant will be inspected by our trained engineers prior to being approved for installation. The sewage treatment plant is then delivered to site using one of our own transport vehicles to ensure the plant is delivered at the correct time to prevent any delays on site.


All of our engineers are accustomed to the correct handling and installation of all makes and models of sewage treatment plants. Care is taken at all times during delivery and installation of the sewage treatment plant to negate the potential of any damage to either the treatment plant or the clients property.


Sewage treatment plants are available to suit anything from a small country cottage to a large commercial application. When sizing a sewage treatment plant the British Water Flows & Loads Code of Practice should be used. For domestic dwellings the number of bedrooms is taken and 2PE (population equivalent) is added.

If you have a requirement for a sewage treatment plant installation in Essex or require advice over the telephone regarding a septic tank problem in Essex, please contact us on 01255 853890, or fill out the form below.